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PLEASE! … send an EMAIL to TGGsystems@GMAIL.com and let me know what you downloaded.

Include CALLSIGN, NAME, EMAIL, NAME of Item, and optionally ADDRESS and PHONE.

Additional information about your station / computer configuration will be helpful for future development and possible support.

I will put you on the EMAILing list for announcements when new items are added to this page.

The following are W1TR Software Applications for HAM / MARS

They are copyrighted by Terry G. Glagowski / W1TR, Free for non-commercial purposes only.

There is no guarantee that they work correctly or will not harm your equipment; all users assume the full risk of use.

Most are of good Beta quality and have been in use at W1TR for a few months or more.


The following are URL Links to *.zip files and *.msi files (Microsoft Software Install files)

Earlier software was created using Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2010, C# .NET 4.0.

More recent software was created using Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2015, C# .NET 4.0

The format of the name is:  Application Name, Sub-Name, Version, Date, Time (local Eastern Time).

The Sub-Name indicates HAM or MARS use if applicable.


Download by right clicking on the URL, use save target as <filename>

Install by double clicking on the downloaded setup.exe inside the ZIP file, or *.msi file when not in a ZIP file.


If you get a runtime error message, you might need to download one or more of these redistributables from Microsoft:

1)      Microsoft Office Access database engine 2007

2)      Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 – Tools for Office Runtime

3)      Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 Redistributable (x86) 12.0.21005

4)      Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable 10.0.30319

Update Journal: NEW

06-Nov-2016 11:43 – AutoStart V3.0.3.0 - Utility to Automatically Start Multiple Applications with One Shortcut or Menu Selection

18-Sep-2016 02:21 – ALS-1306 Amplifier Control V1.5.0.0 – Remote Control of Ameritron ALS-1306 Amplifier, updated version

12-Aug-2016 12:52 – Relay Test App – for SainSmart, Denkovi, SRD-12VDC-SL-C USB 8 Relay Modules

16-May-2016 00:52 - Version of HFAUTO Remote Control - with SWR Charting

08-Feb-2016 16:36 – Version 1.2 of FLDIGI_UDP Helper Application for FLDIGI,
produces UDP packets for Rig Control,
All Configuration File Parameters also in Command Line Arguments,
XML/RPC Port Configurable

06-Feb-2016 23:10 – Version 1.1 of ALS-1306 Remote Control,
Receives UDP Info from HFAUTO Remote Control to track transceiver frequency

05-Feb-2016 13:29 – Version 1.0 of ALS-1306 Remote Control,
Basic manual control using GUI buttons

04-Feb-2016 17:58 – Version 2.8.0 of HFAUTO Remote Control – Non Beta - Firmware 2.35 included in  Install Package

15-Jan-2016 19:10 – Version 1.0 of FLDIGI_UDP Helper Application for FLDIGI, produces UDP packets for Rig Control.

01-Dec-2015 13:35 – Update to Help File for HFAUTO V1.0.4.0 Remote Control Application was Posted.

03-Nov-2014 22:50 – Minor Correction to W1TR_Logger (HAM/MARS) to properly initialize Station Callsign when NEW QSO is Used.

30-Oct-2014 23:30 – New Version of W1TR_LogConverter (HAM/MARS) – Customized for each radio service.

29-Oct-2014 23:34 – New Version of W1TR_Logger (MARS) – Uses multithreading to reduce latency in GUI behavior when possible.

26-Oct-2014 11:26 – New Version of W1TR_Logger (HAM) – Uses multithreading to reduce latency in GUI behavior when possible.

22-Oct-2014 22:08 – New Version of W1TR ZKS – Supports FLDIGI Macro BEFORE and AFTER TO-FLDIGI button for faster digital net control operation.

21-Aug-2015 13:15 – Version of the HFAUTO Remote Control Application for the Palstar HF-AUTO Automatic Antenna Tuner.

MSI File Download URLs:

HAM Software

W1TR_Logger HAM V1.9.9.4 2014-11-03 2240.msi  . . . . . .     - HAM Logger compatible with Ham Radio Deluxe version 5 / 6 database
(works on Win10 now)


W1TR_LogConverter HAM V1.3.0.0 2014-10-30 2320.msi  .   - Accessory to W1TR Logger for importing N1MM, DXLAB Suite databases, and import/export of ADIF.

(works on Win10 now))


W1TR_RigControl V1.0.0.0 2014-08-29 0417.msi  . . . . . . . .        - Companion to W1TR Logger that performs Rig Control and CW Transmission
(works for TS-2000 / Apache Labs 100D only at this time, ICOM in the future).


W1TR_QSL_Printer V1.6.0.0 2014-10-06 2155.msi . . . . . . .     - Accessory to W1TR Logger that prints QSLs from W1TR Logger, or offline from W1TR Log Database.

(works on Win10 now)

MARS Software

W1TR_ZKS V2.9.0.0 2014-10-22 2208.msi  . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    - Companion to FLDIGI to assist MARS Digital Net Control Stations in creating the ZKS (Digital Net Roster).

HFAUTO and ALS-1306 Related Software

I am requesting donations to support further HAM/MARS software development via PayPal to W1TR@YCCC.org,

especially for the HFAUTO and ALS-1306 related software.


ALS_1306_Amplifier_Control_Setup V1.5.0.0 2016-09-14 2220.zip

                                                                                                         - Remote Control Software Application for the Ameritron ALS-1306
Receives UDP CAT Info from N1MM or FLDIGI + FLDIGI_UDP and HFAUTO
to automatically track transceiver frequency.


HF-AUTO Setup V3.2.0.5 2016-05-16 0047.zip . . . . . . . . .        - New Version 3.2 with SWR Charting.


HF-AUTO Setup V2.8.0.0 2016-02-04 1756.zip . . . . . . . . .        - Legacy Version 2.8 of the HFAUTO Software


HF-AUTO Install V1.0.3.0 2015-08-17.zip . . . . . . . . . . . . .         - Legacy Version 1.0 of the HFAUTO Software


FLDIGI_UDP Install V1.2.0.0 2016-02-08 1626.zip  . . . . . .      – Helper Application for FLDIGI to create UDP CAT Control information from the XML/RPC interface.


Relay Test App – SainSmart, Denkovi USB 8 Relay Module   - Source and Executables for C# .NET Control of SainSmart, Denkovi, SRD-12VDC-SL-C Relay Modules.


AutoStart_Setup - V3.0.3.0 - 2016-11-06 1131.zip. . . . . . . . . .   - Utility to Automatically Start or Stop Multiple Applications with One Click or Menu Selection