Updated: Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 10:35 PM

Terry G. Glagowski, Ph.D.



Research Interests:

1.      Automatic Validation and Verification Technology for Aeronautical Navigation Databases

2.      Digital Communication Techniques for use on High Frequency Radio Circuits

3.      Adaptive / Predictive HF Packet Radio Network Management

4.      Methodology and Tools for Design Reuse

5.      Software Engineering Methodology and Tools

6.      Fuzzy Query

7.      Embedded Systems

Recent Projects:

This research investigated a system-level analog-digital development environment called the Circuit Designer's Apprentice, particularly focusing on re-use and re-engineering. A sub-system called the Circuit Design Retrieval System (CDRS) uses fuzzy query and ranked retrieval to identify reusable circuit designs from a repository. Another sub-system called the Circuit Recognizer and Redesign Aide (CRRA) uses reconstructive derivational analogy (RDA) and expert system rules to recognize the function of an existing circuit design and provide a design history tree, from which a modified circuit can be constructed. (4 faculty 8 graduate students)

This research is investigating the possible improvement to HF Packet Radio Network Management by recognizing and adapting to periodic solar effects on the ionospheric propagation of HF radio signals.