Systems Developed

Updated: Saturday, March 20, 2021, 2:41 PM

Terry G. Glagowski, Ph.D.





Industrial / Commercial

Amateur Radio

Industrial & Commercial System Development:

VLSI Push Down Automata Controller Chip - capable of executing LL1 grammars 100 recursions
VLSI Content Addressable Symbol Table Chip - capable of storing 8 symbols 4 bytes, cascadable
CPU Board - contained controller and microcode, wire wrapped S-100 board
CAM Board - contained HW Symbol Table Chips cascaded, wire wrapped S-100 board
Data Path Board - contained AMI 29000 series bit-sliced data path chips, wire wrapped S-100 board
Microcode Cross Development Tools - Cross compiler to create DEM microcode
Microcode O/S and AL2 Language - DEM system software
Automatic Test Equipment on a Z80 based S-100 computer to test the chips using probe boards (Pascal and C Language)
(leader of 7 person team at both GTE and Washington State University)


 Amateur Radio Software Development: